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You Never Bike Alone is produced, written, directed and edited by journalist Robert Alstead for productions Ltd.

A long-time cyclist, he has worked on numerous short films and documentary projects. In You Never Bike Alone he weaves together footage shot by himself and by bicycle activists over the course of around a decade.

He has contributed articles on filmmaking, the arts, and current affairs, to a variety of publications including The Vancouver Courier, The Georgia Straight, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Scotsman.

You Never Bike Alone is his first full-length feature documentary.


Jo Clarke

Additional photography

Additional photography was provided by:

Russell Adams
David Grove
Scott Nelson
Neil Anderson
Ted Buehler
Ifny LaChance

Still We Ride provided a short clip of New York Critical Mass.

Clip of Dinos Against Fossil Fuels from "Extinction Stinks"

About the soundtrack

Stills photography
Clancy Dennehy
David Grove
Ian Paterson
Pete Lypkie

Graphic design
Garth Yule

DVD Design
Garth Yule

Poster & DVD photograph
Clancy Dennehy

Audio Post-production
Kevin Hemmingson


Special thanks to Tammy Lea Meyer of Squeegee Media, whose generosity and patience made this film possible.

Allan & Joy Alstead
David Hechenberger
Holiday Pictures
Paul Doroshenko
Cara Fisher
Jim Hoehnle
Curtis Marr
Hadas Levy
Launch Site
Easy Stream
Orange Studio
Mick Harper
Colin MacKenzie
Wade Morissette
The Bike Doctor
Malaika Millions

Thanks to everyone else who helped with the making of You Never Bike Alone.