You Never Bike Alone joins Brave New Theaters network

You Never Bike Alone is now part of the Brave New Theaters network.

The user-driven network was started by activist director Robert Greenwald, who has made a name for himself for his pioneering distribution strategies as much as his politically charged documentaries like Outfoxed and WalMart: The High Cost of Low Price.

He and his company Brave New Films have been at the forefront of self-distribution techniques, using the web and a huge activist network to launch new releases on thousands of community screens across North America.

Brave New Theaters uses the tools of social networking sites, connecting indie filmmakers such as myself, with those who want to put on films, with those who want to see those films.

Hopefully, it will raise the profile of participating filmmakers ('self included) and give people more choice about what films they see.

Check out the You Never Bike Alone pages at Brave New Theaters. If you have time write a review of the film.