You Never Bike Alone Available Online

It’s almost 10 years to the day that cycle movie You Never Bike Alone premiered at the Rio Theatre during a Vancouver snow storm.

The 82-minute documentary has held up well over time, in large part because of the way it captures the emergence of cycling as a form of mass transportation in the west coast Canadian city and a source of just plain fun.

To mark the anniversary, has posted the documentary on Vimeo On Demand and Reelhouse to either buy or rent online.

You can also buy the DVD at our Reelhouse store, and we’ll be adding "You Never Bike Alone" T-shirts in a few days.

Here’s some press from when the movie had its first festival screening at Moving Pictures in Vancouver:

"What Alstead's documentary captures is the absolutely exhilarating feeling of riding your bike with several hundred other cyclists on city streets."
Vancouver Sun

"a compelling and intelligent film. Deftly edited and covering a lot of ground in 80 minutes"
Vancouver Courier

"a lovely piece of agitprop. It isn't didactic, nor proselytizing, but blunt and straightforward. The people interviewed seem so sane, so reasonable and so utterly practical that I wanted to ride off in the sunset with all of them."
The Tyee

"I laughed, I cried. I felt stronger and more optimistic about our chances after watching You Never Bike Alone."
Carbusters magazine