You Never Bike Alone

Who's In It?

Who's in You Never Bike Alone? A cast of thousands, you could say. You Never Bike Alone covers numerous bike rides, events and incidents, over more than a decade, in the city of Vancouver, Canada.

It features interviews and observations from a mass of cyclists, motorists, transportation commentators, planners, including (in order of appearance):

Dr. Fred Bass Vancouver city councillor (1999-2005) and Critical Mass rider.

IMDB Plot synopsis

Doc looks at the development of vibrant bike culture in Vancouver, Canada, and how the city's self-propelled population are mobilizing to promote the bicycle as a viable form of transport. You Never Bike Alone shows how the foundations for today's burgeoning bike scene in the city was set in the early Nineties when cyclists risked arrest by cycling en masse to publicize unsafe road conditions and rides of the mid-Nineties which were sometimes characterized by arrests.

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