Leading Advocates for Climate Justice Join Panel on Saturday

Two leading advocates for climate justice in British Columbia will be on a special panel at the DOXA documentary film festival in Vancouver this Saturday.

Renowned climate scientist and British Columbia’s first Green MLA Andrew Weaver and Lynne Quarmby, the SFU professor of molecular biology and biochemistry who was arrested on Burnaby Mountain while protesting the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, are guests of DOXA’s Justice Forum.

The Justice Forum panel follows the World Premiere screening of feature documentary Running On Climate.

Both Weaver and Quarmby are key figures in Running On Climate. The documentary looks at the lengths scientists will go to highlight the danger of runaway climate change and what actions individuals can take to help avert catastrophe.

It follows Weaver's run to become the first Green candidate to win a seat in a Canadian provincial legislature and Quarmby’s arrests for blocking a coal train in White Rock and protesting a pipeline on Burnaby Mountain (in the latter case, her charge was subsequently thrown out by the BC Supreme Court).

Quotations from Running On Climate:

“Clearly if the politicians are not dealing with it (climate change), what we need is people to get elected who aren’t afraid to raise this issue and discuss this issue,” says Weaver.

“I had been attending marches, I had been writing lots of letters, I had been meeting with my MP and my MLA, I had talked to the people at the Vancouver Port Authority. Basically everyone responded by saying it’s not our job to worry about climate change.” Quarmby on her motivations for blocking a US thermal coal train in White Rock, BC.

About the screening & Justice Forum

Running On Climate and half-hour Justice Forum is at 5.45pm, Saturday 2nd May at Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street. Tickets are available from DOXA.

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