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On this day in 2008

Happy Canada Day! Happy carbon tax anniversary day!

Update on Victoria Premiere of Running On Climate

This is an update to our previous media advisory for the Victoria Premiere of Running On Climate. Andrew Weaver, unfortunately, is now unable to make the Q&A after the screening on 6th July.

However, director Robert Alstead will be joined by Andrew Weaver's 2013 Election Campaign Manager and now Director of Operations Judy Fainstein, and two other members of Weaver's campaign team to field audience questions arising from the film.

Victoria Premiere of Climate Justice Film "Running On Climate"

UPDATE: Andrew Weaver is now unable to make the screening but Robert Alstead will be joined by others from the film for the Q&A. More information.



Standing Ovation for Running On Climate in Nanaimo

The British Columbia Green Party had a special preview screening of Running On Climate at its AGM in Nanaimo on Saturday night.


The filmmakers would like to thank all of those who supported the film with our Kickstarter Campaign. It was a vital boost, and helped us to make a much stronger film than might otherwise have been possible.


The Climate Impact of the Alberta Oilsands

Before University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver announced he was going to run for the BC Green Party he co-authored a report with one of his PhD students, Neil Swart, for the journal

Leading Advocates for Climate Justice Join Panel on Saturday

Two leading advocates for climate justice in British Columbia will be on a special panel at the DOXA documentary film festival in Vancouver this Saturday.

Renowned climate scientist and British Columbia’s first Green MLA Andrew Weaver and Lynne Quarmby, the SFU professor of molecular biology and biochemistry who was arrested on Burnaby Mountain while protesting the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, are guests of DOXA’s Justice Forum.

2nd May: World Premiere of Running On Climate in Vancouver

We are thrilled to announce that Running on Climate will have its World Premiere in Vancouver at DOXA Documentary Film Festival on May 2nd at 5:45 pm at VIFF's Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street. Thanks to all our Kickstarter backers for helping to make this happen!

DOXA is the first festival we've submitted the film to, and at the top of our list for its premiere. The selection jury was unanimous in its choice of Running on Climate, and we're really pleased to be included in this year's programme.

Harper Gets Behind Pricing Carbon Alberta Style

Fighting climate change requires strong government policy. You need to put a price on carbon.


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