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Greens "In It To Win" As Writ Drops

Here we are again. Four years ago Andrew Weaver made his leap from academia to politics, becoming Canada's first Green to occupy a seat in a provincial legislature.

Is Trudeau's Carbon Price Enough?

Canada’s proposed carbon price is not high enough, but it’s an important start.

How Will Canada Hit the 1.5C Climate Target?

It’s almost half a year since Justin Trudeau’s Liberals swept into power promising a “bold

Running On Climate DVDs Go On Sale

Running On Climate DVDs are now available to buy. You can order a copy of the film online at Reelhouse (scroll down to the "Store").

The climate justice documentary has been released digitally on Reelhouse and on Vimeo in High Definition (HD).

You can either buy the film or rent it for a 48-hour.

Contact us for further information

DVD label design - Running On Climate

We are getting ready to ship DVDs to our Kickstarter backers. Here is a preview of the label design.

Running On Climate Now Available Worldwide

Running On Climate is now available to rent or own across the world on Reelhouse. The 82 minute documentary follows internationally renowned climate scientist Andrew Weaver who ran for election to the British Columbia legislature in 2013. The film is made by Robert Alstead and Joanna Clarke of productions ltd.

Calgary Screening of Running On Climate

Oil tanker leaving Vancouver

Running On Climate is screening in Calgary, Alberta, on Monday 5th October at 7pm at Fort Calgary.

Further details of the event visit the Facebook event page.

Rent or Buy Running On Climate

The feature documentary is now available to rent or buy in Canada on Vimeo and also Reelhouse.

Running On Climate is Out in Canada

In the Fall of 2012, Arctic sea ice annual minimum had just hit a historic low.

Running On Climate Online Release

Vancouver, British Columbia based productions ltd is pleased to announce the online release of Running On Climate.


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