Video: Burnaby Mountain's Caretakers on Pipeline Fight

Tanker filling up with oil from Alberta Tarsands in Burrard inlet

The war against climate change is being waged on many fronts. Here in Metro Vancouver, Kinder Morgan's plans to triple the capacity of the 1150 km (715 miles) Trans Mountain pipeline from 300,000 barrels per day from the Alberta tar sands is facing fierce local resistance.

The immediate fear is of a diluted bitumen spill of the kind experienced on the Kalamazoo River in Michigan. But there is also widespread concern about the climate impact of tripling the pipeline on generations to come.

Right now, locals are running shifts on Burnaby Mountain to prevent Kinder Morgan contractors from coming in, clearing trees and doing survey work that would allow them to put a pipeline through the conservation area. Meanwhile, the Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal is being fought in court. This is an interview, yesterday, with one of the "Caretakers" of Burnaby Mountain, SFU professor Dr. Stephen Collins.