Standing Ovation for Running On Climate in Nanaimo

Andrew Weaver watches self

The British Columbia Green Party had a special preview screening of Running On Climate at its AGM in Nanaimo on Saturday night. This was the second screening we've had since the World Premiere, so I was looking forward to seeing how the film would be received by an audience that is close to the issues. I thought the audience would like it - after all, it stars climatologist Andrew Weaver, the party's sole elected representative in the British Columbia legislature - but I didn't expect quite as rapturous a response.

The audience watched intently, laughed at the humour - particularly the scenes of campaigning in all weather - and seemed moved by the climax. As the credits rolled the room got to its feet applauding and turned to our table near the back, where Andrew Weaver had joined us (I was with my six-year-old son), for a long standing ovation. A happy night.

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