Special 50% Off As BC Goes to the Polls

We've got a special on for Running On Climate til Election Day to help get you in the mood for voting (if you are in British Columbia) or just for observing from outside what is going to be a climactic election campaign. (Go to the bottom of the page if you just want the token.)

British Columbia general voting day is just over a week away on 9th May, but we've already had the first two days of advance voting this past weekend.

From Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 6th there will be even more voting places open as British Columbians go to the polls for another four days before the general voting day on the 9th.

Each year, more people vote in the advance polls. Last year, 20% voted in advance polls, the rest on general election day.

This year there's likely to be a higher number of people voting in advance, due to the fact that there are six advance voting days compared to four in previous years.

The top 5 voting districts have seen over 10% of registered voters, with Esquimalt-Metchosin clocking 11.21% of its registered voters in the first two days. The top 11 districts have seen over 9%.

  1. Esquimalt-Metchosin
  2. Vancouver-West End
  3. Vancouver-Quilchena
  4. Kootenay East
  5. Courtenay-Comox
  6. Boundary-Similkameen
  7. Vancouver-Point Grey
  8. Langford-Juan de Fuca
  9. Surrey-Fleetwood
  10. Vancouver-Fairview
  11. Penticton

The weekend's stats are being pored over by all the various prognosticators and commentators for any indicators of trends, but the consensus seems to be it's too close to call either a majority government or a minority government with the BC Green party holding the balance of power with a block of seats in the legislature.

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