DVD label design - Running On Climate

We are getting ready to ship DVDs to our Kickstarter backers. Here is a preview of the label design.

People often say they like DVDs over a digital file because it gives them something physical they can hold in their hand. I went one step further and have put the whole world in your hand. Thanks NASA.

I've overlaid our planet with a pie chart comparing the global warming potential of all the coal, oil and gas. The numbers are from Neil Swart and Andrew Weaver's paper on the oil sands "The Alberta oil sands and climate" published in Nature Climate Change.

You can see why Weaver is fired up about U.S. thermal coal being shipped out of British Columbia ports.

For more on the numbers you can read the original article here, and there's a couple of related animations from the film in this blog post.

Back to the DVD label: the fellow in the green fleece wrestling with an Andrew Weaver sign is, of course, the man himself.

Finally, the G in a green circle has nothing to do with the BC Green party. It's the movie certification - G for "General", as in there are no restrictions.