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Scientist Responds To "Over-the-Top Distortions" of His IPCC Critique

A lie can travel half-way around the world before truth has even got its boots on. Even more so in the internet age. Especially when talking about climate change.

The Lochside Trail and Filming By Bike

It was a late summer night and I was biking to Victoria along a rough, wooded path on part of the Lochside Trail in rural Saanich.

Oil Spills Can Be Kinder Positive

When an oil tanker spills its load, there are positive as well as negative effects, including "business and employment opportunities".

Canada Needs To Do More On Climate Change

On Sunday, the IPCC released its third of three reports on climate change (press release).

New Yorker Advertisement Promoting Tarsands

The Government of Canada has taken out a lovely looking, full-page advertisement inside the back cover of the latest New Yorker magazine.

Three Quarters of Fossil Fuels "Need To Stay In The Ground"

The solution to climate change may be complex, but the problem is clear: we are burning too much carbon and we don't have much time left to wean ourselves off it.

How Far Away Are We From Climate Change Targets?

The latest IPCC report has landed with an almighty thud.

Video: Crowd at No Enbridge Defend Our Climate rally in Vancouver

Raw unedited footage of the crowd outside Science World in Vancouver, British Columbia, play creatures of the sea, air, and land.

IPCC: "Human influence on the climate system is clear"

This is the press release from the International Panel on Climate Change, based on the most extensive and auth


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