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The Climate Impact of the Alberta Oilsands

Before University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver announced he was going to run for the BC Green Party he co-authored a report with one of his PhD students, Neil Swart, for the journal

Harper Gets Behind Pricing Carbon Alberta Style

Fighting climate change requires strong government policy. You need to put a price on carbon.

Video: Arrest of Grand Chief Stewart Phillip

Yesterday, in downtown Vancouver, the Supreme Court decided that the 100 or so arrests to date were illegitimate because Trans Mountain did not use the correct GPS co-ordinates to de-lineate the in

Video: 84-Year-Old Is Latest To Get Arrested on Burnaby Mountain

The steady drum-beat of arrests continued today on what was another soggy day on Burnaby Mountain.

Video: Mum arrested, Crossing Tape With 11-Year-Olds on Burnaby Mountain

The moment where a mum, Kim Fink-Jensen her daughter Kate and her daughter's friend Olivia crossed into the injunction zone on Burnaby Mountain.

Burnaby Mountain: Day 1 of Mass Arrests

Yesterday (20th November 2014), the police moved in on the encampments at borehole 1 and borehole 2 on Burnaby Mountain in Metro Vancouver.

Video: Pipeline Opponents Rally on Burnaby Mountain

Burnaby Mountain conservation area has become a front-line in the battle to stop the expansion of the Alberta tarsands.

Former BC Hydro CEO: Kinder Morgan Pipeline Hearing Is A "Sham"

Marc Eliesen is a former BC Hydro CEO and has sat on the board of directors of tarsands giant Suncor.

Video: Burnaby Mountain's Caretakers on Pipeline Fight

The war against climate change is being waged on many fronts.

BC Government Closes Chapter on Climate Action

This last week the provincial government of British Columbia introduced some important new legislation, Bill 2 — Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act, that effectively gives up on th


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