Robert Alstead

Robert Alstead is a journalist and filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. He produced, directed, edited, and distributed 82-minute documentary You Never Bike Alone (Vancouver Courier: “a compelling and intelligent film”).

His combined interest in documentary, environment, and politics dates back through a career in journalism and filmmaking that took him from Scotland to Canada in 1993.

He was camera for Andrew Connors’ debut documentary Hands, Head + Heart in 1997 about local logger-turned-artist George Sawchuck.

He has written about aspects of filmmaking, from software reviews to distribution, for The Independent, BBC Online, The Guardian, Scotland On Sunday, The Herald, The Straight, Internet Magazine, Video Camera, and The Vancouver Courier, among others.

He has written a monthly movie review column for Common Ground Magazine since 1993 with a special focus on documentaries about social and global change.

He produces video and writing that seeks to engage audiences in the pressing issues that face the current and next generations.